Rev. Msgr. Lloyd Aiken, V.F.

To begin your wedding plans or to speak to someone about arranging for a blessing for your marriage, please contact the Parish Office (click here).

Required Documents

  1. A certificate of baptism is required for each Christian party. In the case of a non-Catholic Christian, a photocopy of the original certificate will suffice. Each Catholic party must have a certificate form his or her church of baptism, issued and dated within six (6) months of the wedding date.


  2. A marriage license must be obtained from the Baltimore County License Bureau in Towson (410-887-2607). Note: after application, there is a 48-hour waiting period before a marriage can be issued to the parties. One may apply for the license up to six (6) months prior to the wedding date.  At the time of application, the Social Security numbers of the bride and groom need to be supplied to the clerk of the marriage bureau. The current fee for a license is $35.


  3. There may be other documentation or forms required. If this is the case, the priest or deacon will inform the couple.