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"Do you understand what I just
did for you?"  John 13:12



Social Justice



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See how tiny the spark is that sets a huge forest ablaze..  James 3:5b


Social Justice


Maryland Assembly, 2018 Session:


Issues -

1. Rape Survivor Family Protection Act - support.  Approved by the Governor

2. Health Insurance - Coverage for Fertility Awareness-Based Methods - support

3. SB131 (training), SB132 (criminal failure to report) - Child Abuse & Neglect - support

4. BOOST - support

5. Public Safety - Handgun Permit - Church or Religious Organization Property - oppose

6. Family Law - Marriage - Age Requirements - support

7. Hate Crime - Threats & Penalties - support

8. Human Trafficking - Maryland Farm Labor (support), Vacating judgments against Human Trafficking victims (support), Sex Trafficking (support)

Status on All Legislation of Interest to Catholics




                                                   Catholics in Annapolis




   Mary Ellen Russell (Director of MCC) speaks (Interview begins @ 7:00 minutes).




Documents & Books

Evangelii Gaudium, Apostolic Exhortation, Pope Francis, November 2013

Labor Day Statement 2013  USCCB CDJHD, August 2013

Letter to Senate re Earned Income & Child Tax Credits USCCB CDJHD, July 2012

The Search for a Universal Ethic: A New Look at Natural Law  International  Commission, May 2009

The Splendor of Truth, Pope John Paul II, 1993 - especially79ff on "intrinsic evil"

Religious Liberty: Catholic Struggles with Pluralism, John Courtney Murray, 1993, John Knox Press