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"Do you understand what I just
did for you?"  John 13:12



Social Justice



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See how tiny the spark is that sets a huge forest ablaze..  James 3:5b


Social Justice


Maryland Assembly, 2018 Session:


Issues -

1. Rape Survivor Family Protection Act - support

2. Health Insurance - Coverage for Fertility Awareness-Based Methods - support

3. SB131 (training), SB132 (criminal failure to report) - Child Abuse & Neglect - support

4. BOOST - support

5. Public Safety - Handgun Permit - Church or Religious Organization Property - oppose

6. Family Law - Marriage - Age Requirements - support

7. Hate Crime - Threats & Penalties - support




                                                   Catholics in Annapolis




   Mary Ellen Russell (Director of MCC) speaks (Interview begins @ 7:00 minutes).




Documents & Books

Evangelii Gaudium, Apostolic Exhortation, Pope Francis, November 2013

Labor Day Statement 2013  USCCB CDJHD, August 2013

Letter to Senate re Earned Income & Child Tax Credits USCCB CDJHD, July 2012

The Search for a Universal Ethic: A New Look at Natural Law  International  Commission, May 2009

The Splendor of Truth, Pope John Paul II, 1993 - especially79ff on "intrinsic evil"

Religious Liberty: Catholic Struggles with Pluralism, John Courtney Murray, 1993, John Knox Press