Baptism Information Form

If you are a parishioner at Sacred Heart Parish and you do not need to attend a Baptism Preparation Class, you can fill out and submit this online form with the information for your child's baptism. (A valid email address is required.) We will contact you for the scheduling.



Child Information


Contact Information



Parent Information



Were the parents married by a Catholic priest or deacon?  



Godparent Information



Notes: Only one godparent is required. At least one godparent must be a practicing, confirmed Catholic
aged 16 or older. If not from Sacred Heart (SHG) Parish, godparents should contact their parishes and ask
them to send us a sponsor form in the mail. Non-Catholic godparents must be Christians who have been
baptized "by water and the Holy Spirit"; they are considered "Christian witnesses" at the baptism,
and not an actual Catholic godparent.


Will either godparent miss the baptism and need a "proxy"?  


[If "YES", please fill out the information below for the proxy:]




Has your child been privately baptized, such as for an emergency?  


Was your child adopted?  


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