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CSS Program Description

CSS Is More Than Just Another Bible Study

Catholic Scripture Study incorporates the fullness of Catholic teaching on Holy Scripture by integrating Scripture lessons with Church Sacraments and Traditions, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and historic teachings of the Early Church Fathers. This study answers the call to all Catholics to spend time with Sacred Scripture, in prayer and fellowship, while providing the ability to explain and defend the Catholic Faith.


Study Format

The standardized, easily understood, non-academic Catholic study targets an individual's specific learning style through a four-segmented teaching method:

  • Workbook Commentary Notes: Commentaries accompanying each week's lesson are prepared by contemporary Catholic Scripture Scholars. These commentaries deepen and enrich the insights into each lesson, while helping the student to understand and apply the text within the larger context of the Living Tradition of the Church.

  • Question & Answer: The participant prepares each week's lesson by reading the relevant Scripture and answering a series of workbook questions based on that Scripture reading. Additional thought-provoking questions for reflection and references to The Catechism of the Catholic Church are interjected for the intention of challenging spiritual growth.

  • Lecture: As participants listen, lecture segments are presented via DVD or through online streaming videos, expanding the lesson and providing insight not available in the preparation of the weekly lesson.

  • Small Group Sharing: Small group sharing offers a personal, conversational group discussion of the study questions. Trust is easily developed among participants and creates an atmosphere open to sharing answers to the questions, both personal and spiritual, related to the Catholic Christian journey.


Session Format

The CSS program is specifically formatted as a 2-hour group study program within the parish, but may also be used by in-home study groups. The recommended format includes:

  • Gathering: The entire group gathers together for participation in opening prayer, announcements, and song.

  • Lecture: View the lecture via DVD or online streaming video.

  • Group Discussion: Participants break into small groups to review lessons and questions. A Catholic Bible and The Catechism of the Catholic Church are recommended materials in addition to the lesson workbooks.

  • Fellowship: Refreshments or a pot-luck meal may be scheduled anytime throughout the study year as a fun way to fellowship apart from study topics.


Core Team Administration

A Study Leader oversees the administration of the study program within the parish and forms a volunteer team to assist in areas of Leadership. Home-study groups work independently from the Core Team.