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Disabilities Ministry


Disabilities Ministry

"He who welcomes you welcomes me, and he who welcomes me welcomes him who sent me."  Matthew 10:40



Receiving the Sacraments

In order to be loyal to its calling and to be truly pastoral, the parish must make sure that is does not exclude any Catholic who wishes to take part in its activities (Pastoral Statement of U.S. Catholic Bishops on Persons with Disabilities, November 1978; revised 1989).


Most children and adults with disabilities can benefit from instruction that is identical to their peers (without disabilities) or that is modified slightly to take into account physical and learning needs. Sacred Heart will work with you and your families to ensure your needs are met and that any reasonable accommodation is available.


For some children and adults with severe to profound cognitive disabilities, however, it may not be possible to achieve their peers' level of readiness for the sacraments. However, this should not prevent them from receiving the sacraments. Our Church law is the life-giving law of the Holy Spirit intended to be interpreted flexibly, for the benefit of people. If we err, it is better to err on the part of being too open rather than too closed.


"For the sacraments of Christian initiation in particular (Baptism, Eucharist, Confirmation), if in doubt the sacrament should be conferred; and the faith of the family/community fills what may be lacking in the faith of the individual" (Opening Doors, Volume II, National Catholic Office for Persons with Disabilities, 1987). "Disability alone does not disqualify a person from receiving the sacraments. Cases of doubt should be resolved in favor of the right of the baptized person to receive the sacrament" (Guidelines for the Celebration of Sacraments with Persons with Disabilities 20). Please contact Michele Hunter to arrange for Sacramental preparation.

Disabilities Ministry



Inclusion Mass

Sacred Heart of Glyndon will be hosting a Sensory-Friendly Mass of Inclusion on Sunday, March 29, 2020 at 12:00 noon — with snacks and fellowship to follow in the West Room. Father Jerry will be presiding, and all are welcome to attend! A special invitation is extended to any person with sensory sensitivity, Autism Spectrum Disorder, or other disabilities that may make attending Mass a challenge. This more accessible Mass will include:


Disabilities Ministry
  • Quiet music (no organ)
  • Dimmer lighting
  • A shorter homily
  • ASL interpretation
  • And pictorial resources for those with special needs (as well as the presence of additional volunteers to assist those visiting the parish navigate the campus)


Every effort will be made to accommodate all in attendance, and all behaviors are welcome! Families are encouraged to bring materials that can assist with comfort during the liturgy: noise cancelling headphones, wiggle seats, weighted blankets, fidgets, etc. A quiet room will also be available for those that need a break. Contact Michele Hunter at or 410-833-1696 with any special requests or questions.