Rev. Jerry Francik

Fr. Canisius Tah

To begin your wedding plans or to speak to someone about arranging for a blessing for your marriage, please contact the Parish Office (click here).

Flowers / Decorations

Couples wishing to enhance their wedding liturgy with flowers and or other decorative items (candles, runners, etc.) are welcome to do so, within the parameters established. This can be arranged through a florist of the couple's choice. The placement of floral arrangements is dictated by liturgical norms.


Floral arrangements may be placed:


In the Little Church

  • On the back altar, on either side of the tabernacle
  • On the floor in front of the lectern

In the Main Church

  • On the steps leading up to the sanctuary
  • On the stands in the sanctuary
  • In the standing containers provided by the church

Without exception, no flowers or candles of any type are permitted on the altar table itself, in either the Little Church or the Main Church. Flowers placed in the church for the wedding are to left and not removed at the end of the service.


To eliminate potential problems, please contact the Parish Office before placing orders.



In both the Little and main Churches, a fifty (50) foot runner will suffice to cover the length of the aisle.