Rev. Jerry Francik

Fr. Canisius Tah

To begin your wedding plans or to speak to someone about arranging for a blessing for your marriage, please contact the Parish Office (click here).

Offerings / Fees

The fee for the use of Sacred Heart Church for a wedding liturgy is Three Hundred Dollars ($300) for registered parishioners of Sacred Heart parish, and Five Hundred Dollars ($500) for non-parishioners. This fee defrays such costs as electricity (lighting and air-conditioning), heat, maintenance, set-up and clean-up. If this fee presents a financial hardship, the couple is asked to please consult with a priest of Sacred Heart; no one will be denied the services of our church for monetary reasons. In addition, it is in good taste and customary to present an offering to the priest or deacon presiding at the wedding liturgy. The amount of this offering is completely discretionary. Music fees are to be negotiated and agreed upon directly between the couple and the musicians involved. All fees are to be paid prior to the wedding, either at the wedding rehearsal or by an earlier date mutually agreed upon by the various parties.


Fees Recap *

Church: $300 Registered Parishioners
$500 Unregistered Parishioner
Musicians: As negotiated

Altar Servers (if requested):

$20 each
Priest / Deacon:

An offering to the clergyman presiding is not required, but it is customary to make a separate offering to him.


* All fees / offerings and documents should be given to the priest / deacon at or before the rehearsal.