Rev. Jerry Francik

Fr. Canisius Tah

To begin your wedding plans or to speak to someone about arranging for a blessing for your marriage, please contact the Parish Office (click here).

Photography Guidelines

Couples wishing to engage the services of a professional photographer are welcome to do so with the individual or firm of their choice. Any person engaged by the couple should be made aware of the sacred nature of the marriage liturgy and should conduct himself or herself in such a manner as not to be a distraction.


Without exception, photographers or videographers are not permitted to set up equipment in the sanctuary area or in the aisle area in front of the sanctuary.


Photographs may be taken during the liturgy from vantage points that are not distracting to the prayer itself. The photographer and / or videographer should consult with the presiding priest / deacon before the start of the wedding ceremony so the he / she will be familiar with the policies of Sacred Heart Parish.




Photography / Videography Guidelines

  1. Photographs and / or video may be taken during the marriage ceremony but always inconspicuously and from outside the sanctuary area. Only the official photographer and / or videographer may take pictures during the ceremony.


  2. Please note that the use of flash photography and auxiliary floodlights is prohibited after the bride is "given away" until the final kiss at the end of the marriage ceremony.


  3. In both of Sacred Heart’s worship spaces, photographers / videographers are asked not to come forward in the Main Aisle during the ceremony. Please check with the presiding priest / deacon or someone from the parish office as to the appropriate places to stand.


  4. Weddings need to begin on time. We cannot delay the start of the ceremony or Mass because the photographer / videographer is not ready.


  5. If pictures are taken after the service, we ask the photographer / videographer to remember that they are in a Church, not their studio. Furniture, flowers, and plants are not to be moved or rearranged.


  6. Every wedding party has the use of the Church for 1 1/2 hours from the beginning of the scheduled time of the wedding. If the wedding begins late, extra time may not be added to the time for photography following the ceremony.


  7. Please feel free to contact the parish office (410-833-1696) if you have any questions.

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