Prayer Shawl Ministry




Prayer Shawl Ministry

Sister Helen Wiegmann, SSJ

Parish Shawl Ministry Coordinator

410-833-1696 ext. 321



Prayers and Blessings

Prayer for the Blessing of a Shawl

May God's grace be upon this shawl,
warming, comforting, enfolding and embracing.

May these mantles be safe havens...
sacred places of security and well-being...
sustaining and embracing in good times
as well as difficult ones.

May the one who receives this shawl be cradles in hope,
kept in joy, graced with peace, and wrapped in love.




Gift Card Prayer

This shawl was especially created for you;
Love and prayers are in every stitch.
May the dear Angels hear our prayers.

When you wear this shawl let it fill you
With warmth, healing energy, comfort and strength.
May it ease your pain and fears.
May the love in every row
Help God's sacred healing flow,
And fill you with the warm embrace of
Our Heavenly Father.