Winter at Sacred Heart



Religious Education


S. Cecilia Cyford, SSJ
Director of
Religious Education

Jeff Ment
Religious Ed. Assistant


Inclement Weather Policy


On school days, if Baltimore County schools or Sacred Heart School dismiss early or are closed for the day due to inclement weather (snow), our Religious Education classes will be cancelled.


On Sundays, if there is inclement weather, we will make a decision about any class cancellations by 9:00 a.m. on Sunday morning.


Please sign up for the parish "Flocknote" text alert system! We will use this system whenever we need to send important alerts without much notice (such as for class cancellations). Text message alerts will be sent to your cell phone (or sometimes your email address, depending on the situation).


If you want us to sign you up for Flocknote alerts, simply send an email to Mr. Jeff at with your name and cell phone number. Or, if you prefer to sign up for Flocknote yourself, the instructions are not too hard:

  1. With a cell phone, simply text the letters "shg" to this number: 84576. (Some of you may have already done this in past years.)


  2. You will be sent instructions for what to do next. You will follow a link on your smart phone, or you can use the link on any computer to go to the Flocknote website.


  3. You will be asked for your name and email address.


  4. The last part is important: you will be asked to choose the parish group(s) for your alerts. There are several groups listed under Religious Education. Please make sure to choose the one(s) that apply to your family! For example, there is a group for Religious Ed. Sunday Classes, Religious Ed. Monday Classes, Religious Ed. Family-Home Study, Educacion Religiosa (Spanish), and Catechists (volunteers).


    This way, you won't receive unnecessary messages for classes that don't involve your children. You can sign up for alerts from any other parish group or ministry, too.


Other ways to find out about cancelled classes:


  • Call the Religious Education office at 410-833-8515. If Religious Education classes are cancelled, we will make a recorded announcement.


  • Listen to television and radio announcements for weather-related school closings for Baltimore County schools.


  • Check the news and announcements section of the parish website home page. We will post information about cancelled classes whenever possible.