Please click below for complete STAND instructions:


(ages 18+)


(ages 14-17)








Mary Lee McCusker

STAND Screening Coordinator



Sacred Heart Parish

P.O. Box 3672

Glyndon, MD 21701-3672



(updated as of 1/10/18)


Due to changes to the current online compliance management system
(Shield the Vulnerable), the Archdiocese has asked that all volunteers
be patient as they make the necessary changes.



Click here to view the letter
from the Archdiocese of Baltimore,
Office of Child & Youth Protection




NEW VOLUNTEERS as of 1/11/2018:

(In English)

► Click HERE for step-by-step instructions to the new compliance management system (VIRTUS).  IMPORTANT NOTE: If, after creating your User ID and Password, you need to logout of your VIRTUS account, please use the following link ( to log back into your VIRTUS account.


► After completing all requirements online, please email Mary Lee McCusker (, STAND/Volunteer Screening Coordinator, so that she may contact your references and continue processing your volunteer requirements.


(En Español)

► Haga clic AQUÍ para obtener instrucciones paso por paso para el nuevo sistema de administración de cumplimiento (VIRTUS).  NOTA IMPORTANTE: si, después de crear su ID de usuario y contraseña, necesita cerrar la sesión de su cuenta VIRTUS, utilice el siguiente enlace ( para volver a iniciar sesión en su cuenta VIRTUS.


► Después de completar todos los requisitos en línea, envíe un correo electrónico a Mary Lee McCusker (, Coordinadora de escrutinio STAND/Volunteer, para que pueda ponerse en contacto con sus referencias y seguir procesando sus requisitos de voluntario.




► For those who began their STAND requirements online with Shield the Vulnerable system, but did not complete required training and/or screening, please know that all accounts were transferred to the new system on VIRTUS.  Please contact Mary Lee McCusker ( for your new User ID and temporary Password, and the instructions for all requirements not completed.


► Once you receive your User ID and temporary Password, you will need to update your Password as soon as possible.  Also, should you need to log out of your account before finishing all requirements, please make sure you use the following link ( to log back into VIRTUS.


CURRENT VOLUNTEERS (Those already STAND Approved through Shield the Vulnerable and/or VIRTUS, and contacted via email.):


► At this time, you do not need to do anything.  However, if you have not been advised by Mary Lee McCusker, STAND/Volunteer Screening Coordinator, with regards to your STAND status, please contact her via email ( that she can verify your current STAND status.


RENEWING VOLUNTEERS: All volunteers must renew their STAND status five (5) years after the date of their last background screening with the Archdiocese of Baltimore and/or STAND approval.


► Please be patient as the Archdiocese makes the final changes to the new compliance management system, VIRTUS.  We will provide instructions for renewing volunteer requirements as soon as they become available.  In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact Mary Lee McCusker, STAND/Volunteer Screening Coordinator.  Thank you for your patience.



** When all requirements have been completed, received, verified and documented,
our Volunteer Screening Coordinator, Mary Lee McCusker,
will contact you via email with regards to your updated STAND status.



As always, please do not hesitate to contact our Volunteer Screening Coordinator
should you have any questions or concerns.


Mary Lee McCusker
STAND/Volunteer Screening Coordinator
Sacred Heart Parish/School
P.O. Box 3672
Glyndon, MD 21071-3672
(410) 833-6877