Volunteer Screening Coordinator

Mary Lee McCusker




Sacred Heart Parish

P.O. Box 3672

Glyndon, MD 21701-3672




Please click below for complete volunteer instructions:


(ages 18+) WITH
substantial contact with children


(ages 18+) WITHOUT
substantial contact with children







Volunteers (Ages 14-17)

who have substantial contact
with children at the parish or school


The following must be completed before volunteering:

  • DO NOT register on the Shield the Vulnerable website. All volunteers between the ages of 14-17 must provide the paperwork below and attend a "Worthy of the Call" training session (see dates below).


  • Complete the Application for Volunteer Service (Español) signed by parent/guardian and youth volunteer


  • Provide three (3) references to be checked and documented. Reference letters are sent out to noted references on Application. However, to speed up this process, please consider having your references complete our Reference Letter Form (signed and dated) and return the same with your Application.


  • For your convenience, a complete set of paperwork (Application & Reference Forms) can be found by clicking here.


  • Review of Code of Conduct for Church Personnel


  • Review of Statement of Policy for the Protection of Children and Youth


  • Training (with regards to child abuse and the protection of children — Worthy of the Call). You must complete a Worthy of the Call training session through your parish or school. This age-appropriate training for youth is usually offered five (5) times per year here at Sacred Heart Parish (Glyndon). However, we ask that you please contact the Volunteer Screening Coordinator at mmccusker@shgparish.org or (410) 833-6877 regarding any and all training sessions being offered for Spring 2019.


Sessions 2019:

ALL paperwork must be completed (including references) and returned prior to or on the date of scheduled training session. At this time, we are working with the Archdiocese regarding all dates and times of the Worthy of the Call training. We appreciate your patience.


Updated as of 2/14/2019