Rev. Jerry Francik

Fr. Canisius Tah

To begin your wedding plans or to speak to someone about arranging for a blessing for your marriage, please contact the Parish Office (click here).

Wedding Music

The music presented at any wedding liturgy should be in harmony with the intent of the Rite; that is, it should be chosen to express and support the understanding of marriage as intended in the Rite of Marriage. Couples are asked to personalize their wedding by selecting music according to this principle.


Romantic love songs and other secular music are normally reserved for the wedding reception. Parish musicians uphold liturgical principles in the selection of wedding music and can recommend suitable songs and instrumental music.


All music arrangements are to be made through one of the parish musicians / music directors:


   Mathew Lane (organist)

   Carole Truitt (contemporary music)

   (Click here for musicians' contact phone and email.)


Musicians should be contacted soon after the wedding has been scheduled so that they may reserve the date and arrange for a music planning session with the couple.


Couples who wait until less than eight (8) weeks before a wedding to request music, particularly during the busy spring and fall months, may have less opportunity to participate in the music selection process. Organists employed by Sacred Heart Parish, or a substitute engaged by the parish in the event that the regular organists are not available, are normally the organists engaged to play weddings at Sacred Heart.


A couple may engage a qualified, working church organist from another church with approval of one of the music directors at Sacred Heart. When this option is chosen, the parish musician needs to be compensated in addition to whatever other arrangements a couple may have made with other approved organist.


If a couple wishes to engage a type of musical ensemble that cannot be provided by the parish; e.g., a professional string quartet or brass quartet, a parish organist / music director must be notified.


Soloists are available from the parish upon request. Please consult one of the music directors listed for recommendations.


All music fees are to be negotiated and agreed upon directly between the couple and the music director / musician involved. Fees are to be paid prior to the wedding, either at the rehearsal or by an earlier date mutually agreed upon by the various parites.