Welcome Home



Welcome Home

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Welcome Home

Welcome Home

"Now we must celebrate and rejoice, because your brother was lost and has been found."  Luke 15:32


Do you know someone who...


... Has been away from the church for a while?

... Is conflicted about church teachings?

... Feels unwelcome due to a past hurt?


This year, give a gift that means the most ... the opportunity to be closer to God.


- for yourself

- for someone you love


We invite you to come back home... or, to invite someone you love to return to the church.



Today's Catholics face many challenges to remain active in their faith.

Welcome home


Unfortunately, at times, some of us fall away from the church. This occurs for many reasons. Some people do not like the changes that have occurred in the Church over the years, others want more change. Others drifted away for a wide variety of reasons. For some it may have been marital problems or divorce, for others there may have been an unfortunate experience, or simply that the busyness of life just pulled them away.


Whatever the reason that has caused you to no longer feel a part of the Church, we want you to know that you remain a valued member of the Church. There is enough love in the family of God to heal the hurts of the past and close any sincere differences of opinion.


If you would like to feel at home in the Catholic Church again, the people of Sacred Heart Church cordially invite you to 'take another look'. Without you the Church is not complete, so contact us and we can talk about your thoughts and concerns.